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Player View: Caroline Seger Philadelphia Independence
Caroline Seger
Do you want to get to know the Swedish National captin Caroline Seger better. Caroline Seger is in the Players View for the

Name:Caroline Seger

Nickname: Seger

Current Team: Philadelphia Independence

Former clubs:  Rydebäcks If, Stattena If, Linköpings FC

When did you play your first game in A-team ? 2005 against Norway in Algarve

What is your Favorite Food: Everything with Pasta

What is your favorite Movie: Law abiding citizen

What is your favorite Book: Stiig Larssons triologi

What is your favorite website: A blog at Kanal 5 homepage

Who is your favorite sportsman/woman ? Usain Bolt/ Marta

Are you superstitious, if yes how? Sometimes but nothing special

Who was your idol when you´re young? My parents but they´re still

Toughest opponent you have met? Marta

Sweetest victory ? Against Umeå IK in Swedish cup in 2006 finals

What is your most disappointment in your carrier? Every loss in World Cup, Euros and Olympics.

Favorite football player man/woman ? Messi/ Marta

What is the most boring thing doing on trainings ? Preseason

Who is the most famous person you have in your cellar phone ? Heather Mitts, Lotta Schelin

What kind of soccer shoes do you play in ? Nike

What is your most embarrassing moment ? I went to buy bread at a store and when i was paying the cashier asked me to sign the receipt i thought that he wanted my autograph because he new about me but he was just asking me to sign the receipt, I apologized and never came back :)

Tell us about something others don´t know about you ?I ´m awesome at karaoke

What do you think of the website ? I really like it, we definitely need more websites just about women´s soccer.


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