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Player View: Alex Scott Boston Breakers
Alex Scott
Alex Scott, National team player for England also playing for Boston Breakers.
Get to know Alex Scott better, she has answered some questions on our website

Name: Alex Scott

Nickname: Scottie

Current Team: Boston Breakers

Former clubs:  Arsenal Ladies

When did you play your first game in A-team ? England v Holland 18th september 2004

What is your Favorite Food: Jamaican jerk chicken and rice

What is your favorite Movie: Avatar

What is your favorite Book: Angels and Demons

What is your favorite website:

Who is your favorite sportsman/woman ? Usain Bolt

Are you superstitious, if yes how? No

Who was your idol when you´re young? My mum, a strong independent women

Toughest opponent you have met? Marta

Sweetest victory ? Arsenal ladies v Uemå UEFA cup final

What is your most disappointment in your carrier? Losing to germany in the european final 2009

Favorite football player man/woman ? Dani Alves

What is the most boring thing doing on trainings ? Set plays are boring but so important

Who is the most famous person you have in your cellar phone ? Haha, that would be telling

What kind of soccer shoes do you play in ? My Puma speed boot, i am lucky enough to be a puma sponsored athlete

What is your most embarrassing moment ? Mmmmm???? not to sure on this 1, i think i have so many its hard to choose just 1,ha

Tell us about something others don´t know about you ? I am a qualified sports massage therapist


What do you think of the website ? The website is cool, and provides you with a lot of information about womens football from around the world.


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