Thu 23.Feb 2012 10:45 Albert Sigurdsson,
How to become the quickest player on your team....
The "How to become the quickest player on your team"
In This Special Quickness Report Below, You'll Discover:

The DEADLY Speed Training Myth That's Been Unknowingly Passed Down Like A Virus For DECADES (even if this little-known career-killer has already reached you -- it's not too late, you'll learn why below.)

Why You No Longer Need To Be A Famous Or Top-Flight Athlete To Work With Alex Maroko (CPT) or Kelly Baggett (CPT) To Develop Scholarship-Level Speed and Quickness In As Little As 9 MINUTES FLAT..

PLUS! The Proven (and new) Plantar Flexor Formula
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D-1 Coaches "DROOL" Over and Chase After..

To the fellow dedicated coach or athlete,

I have two questions for you before we jump right in:

1. Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you train or which programs you buy into, you still get stuck with “average speed ”, or even worse.. you’re slow? Or..

2. Why one of your competitors seem to have been born with that “spotlight” speed and quickness, while you were blessed with two slow feet and little or no explosiveness to speak of?

If so, then you've come to the right place.

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