Mon 20.Feb 2012 08:30 Albert Sigurdsson,
Iceland: Valur wins the first pre-season tournament in Iceland (with video)
Svava Rós Guðmundsdóttir scored the opening goal for Valur
Laufey Björnsdóttir hit two in Valur's last game of the tournament
Valur sealed a win in the Reykjavíkurmót, which is a preseason tournament for the local clubs in Reykjavík. Yesterday, they played their last game in the tournament, against Þróttur and won 5-0.

It took Valur 20 minutes to break their opponents, but Svava Rós Guðmundsdóttir hit their first goal after a great through pass. Laufey Björnsdóttir added the second goal 11 minutes later with a cheeky lift over the Þróttur goalkeeper. The oh so experienced Rakel Logadóttir scored a near post finish after dribbling herself through the Þróttur defense. In the 84th minute, Valur got a penalty which Kristín Ýr Bjarnadóttir converted without any problem. Laufey Björnsdóttir sealed a 5-0 win three minutes in to the injury time.

There is a bit of a generation change going on in Valur, whereas most of their national team players have gone abroad to play as professional players. So their team is now built on a few very experienced players who have won it all in Iceland and also been involved in the national team, and a few girls around the age of 20 and lastly a bunch of 16-17 year old girls who have all been in the Icelandic U-national teams. It will be interesting to follow them this season.

Last night's game:

Valur 5 - 0 Þróttur
1-0 S. Rós Guðmundsdóttir 20'
2-0 L. Björnsdóttir 31'
3-0 R. Logadóttir 65'
4-0 K. Ýr Bjarnadóttir (pen) 84'
5-0 L. Björnsdóttir 90+3'

Goals from the game can be seen here

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