Wed 22.Feb 2012 09:30 Albert Sigurdsson,
Frauenbundesliga: One game played today, Potsdam visit Hamburg
Margrét Lára Viðarsdóttir might get her first Bundesliga game with Potsdam today
The first game of the spring part of the German Frauenbundesliga will be played today. Actually it's a game that was postponed in December, but three games from the same round were postponed again, last weekend. The first round of the actual spring season is played next weekend.

Today's game is between Hamburger SV and 1.FFC Turbine Potsdam. These two teams have had a very unlike seasons, as Hamburg struggled at the beginning and haven't been able to follow up on last years success, while Potsdam are at the top of the league where they feel that they belong. Potsdam might show two new faces on the pitch today, as they signed Margrét Lára Viðarsdóttir and Alex Singer from Sweden in the January transfer window.

Today's fixture:

15:00 (CET) Hamburger SV - Turbine Potsdam (follow it live on liveticker by clicking here)

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