Tue 13.Mar 2012 08:23 Albert Sigurdsson,
Frauenbundesliga: Last weekend's results, Potsdam keep Duisburg at bay, for now
Mandy Islacker scored the late winner for Duisburg to keep the pressure on Potsdam at the top of the league.
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There was a full round of Frauenbundesliga played on Sunday, where the top teams all managed to take three points with them to keep the fight for the title alive.

Potsdam won a solid 0-2 win away against Freiburg, just like Frankfurt did against Jena. Duisburg were able to squeeze out a late winner against bottom team Bayer Leverkusen and Wolfsburg crushed Bayern München. Bad Neuenahr and Hamburg seem to be back on track with a 2-0 win each, Hamburg against Lok Leipzig and Bad Neuenahr away against Essen.

Potsdam are still on the top with 35 points after 14 games, but Duisburg are a close runner up with 32 points and a game in hand. Frankfurt have 31 points from 14 games and Wolfsburg have 28. Things are starting to look really bleak for Bayer Leverkusen who have only 4 points, and Lok Leipzig have 9. Jena and Hamburg haven't escaped the relegation battle though, as they only have 12 points from their first 13 games.

SC Freiburg 0 - 2 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam
0-1 G. Anonma 12'
0-2 P. Hanebeck 80'

Hamburger SV 2 - 0 1. FC Lok Leipzig
1-0 M.L. Bagehorn 2'
2-0 M. Timmermann 68'

FF USV Jena 0 - 2 1. FFC Frankfurt
0-1 K. Garefrekes 31'
0-2 D. Marozsán 86'

VfL Wolfsburg 3 - 0 FC Bayern München
1-0 A. Blässe 5'
2-0 S. De Pol (o.g) 17'
3-0 K. Pohlers 69'

SG Essen-Schönebeck 0 - 2 SC 07 Bad Neuenahr
0-1 C. Okoyino da Mbabi (pen) 14'
0-2 C. Okoyino da Mbabi 59'

Bayer 04 Leverkusen 0 - 1 FCR 2001 Duisburg
0-1 M. Islacker 85'
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