Thu 15.Mar 2012 08:15 Albert Sigurdsson,
Champions League: Arsenal, Potsdam and Lyon with wins
Babett Peter sealed the win for Potsdam against Rossyianka
Three of the four 1st leg quarter final games in the Champions League were played last night. All three games ended with a home win, but Lyon are probably the only team that has already sealed their way to the semi finals.

Arsenal won Kopparbergs/Göteborg 3-1, despite the Swedes taking the lead after only 10 minutes. The away goal might turn out to be crucial to Göteborg as a 2 goal margin is not a unattainable goal.

Turbine Potsdam finished Rossiynka of in the first half, where the Russian side didn't have much ball possession but relied on counter attacking. Just before the half time, Potsdam got a penalty and increased their lead to 2-0 and kept that lead.

Lyon walked all over Brøndby, and scored two goals in each half. Brøndby have a tough project ahead of them, trying to get 4 goals at home and keep a clean sheet against the current Champions League title holders.

Yesterday's fixtures:

Arsenal Ladies FC 3 - 1 Göteborg FC
0-1 L. Ek 10'
1-1 J. Nobbs 25'
2-1 K. Little (pen) 75'
3-1 E. White 82'

1. FFC Turbine Potsdam 2 - 0 FC Rossiyanka
1-0 P. Hanebeck 24'
2-0 B. Peter (pen) 44'

Olympique Lyonnais 4 - 0 Brøndby IF
1-0 C. Abily 8
2-0 S. Bompastor 34
3-0 L. Dickenmann 64
4-0 L. Necib 71
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