Tue 20.Mar 2012 11:16 Tanya Taylor,
Key players for Ldb Malmö and KDFF suffer season ending injuries
Frida Nordin
Image: svenskfotboll.se
- Happened on the same day

Ldb Malmö and KDFF have both lost an outside back due ACL tears that happened last Thursday. Malmö lost their left back, Frida Nordin, and KDFF lost their right back Gudny Odinsdottir.


Malmö was playing Frankfurt in the first leg of the Champions League at home when Frida Nordin tore her ACL. Frida is one of the most experienced players of the team and has been a key player for Ldb Malmö for many years playing as an outside midfielder. Malmö had been trying Frida in a new position this year, in left back, and that had been working well for the team. Now, Ldb Malmö does not have a a large squad to choose from so it will be interesting to see if they will get a new player before the transfer window closes at the end of March.


Gudny tore her ACL in a friendly match against the Icelandic team Stjarnan last Thursday. Gudny was at Algarve with the Icelandic National Team and had a very good tournament there. She has been very unlucky with injuries because this is the third time she tears her ACL. She tore it first in 2004, then 2008, and now in 2012. Not only is her injury a loss for KDFF but the Icelandic National team as well where they have an important year ahead of them in the European Qualifiers.


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