Tue 20.Mar 2012 14:30 Tanya Taylor,
Johanna Almgren could miss CL game against Arsenal tomorrow
Johanna Almgren in a game with Göteborg FC
- Hurt her knee at training

There is a high chance that Johanna Almgren will not be able to participate in tomorrow's game against Arsenal in Göteborg. She hurt her knee at training this morning with the team.


Almgren had a good game against Arsenal in the first leg, but her knee was hurting during the game and before it. She is seeing a doctor today and will know soon if her knee injury is serious.


Almgren says "It's so typical, just when we're about to play the main game. It could have happened any other day but it had to happen today. Now I just have to hope for the best". 


Göteborg lost the first game 3-1 against Arsenal.

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