Wed 21.Mar 2012 16:42 Albert Sigurdsson,
Norway: Interview Toni Markovski, Røa
Toppserien Norway women´s League
- Elise Thorsnes will be the best player
On Monday the Football Assosiation of Norway had a Kickoff in all their leagues and the top three coaches in the Toppserien answered few questions about the coming season.
First up is Toni Markovski who is the assistant coach for the Champions 2011 Røa.

1. Who will win the Toppserien and why ?

I belive Røa is going to win. We have will to win and the players who can win matches. We have a good squad of players and good team spirit which is very important.

2. Who will take the other medals ?

Stabæk has a strong team and the biggest squad of players. LSK has the best offencive player in the league and looks exciting. So I go for them, but I believe even. Arna-Bjørnar I know too little about.

3. What team do you think will suprise most ?

I know too little about all the teams, but LSK can win the league.

4. What player will be Toppserien best player and why ?

Elise Thorsnes will take the title this year too. She good in front of the goal and good in the box and has as well good distance shoots.

5. Who will be the topscorer in Toppserien?

I have a good feeling for LSK-keeper Tinja-Riikka Korpela. Caroline Graham Hansen in Stabæk is also a exciting player, who is fantastic at its best. I think Lene Mykjåland will have a good season.

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