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Norway: Interview Øyvind Eide, head coach of Stabæk
Øyvind Eide, head coach of Stabæk
- No one can beat us
On Monday the Football Assosiation of Norway had a Kickoff in all their leagues and the top three coaches in the Toppserien answered few questions about the coming season.
Now is the interview with Øyvind Eide, head coach of Stabæk.

1. Who will win the Toppserien and why ?

We are of course a candiate. There is much new for us.  New players, new coach and new system.  If we get out our potential no one can bet us.

2. Who will take the other medals ?

LSK can win the gold.  They have had a fit squad and have the best training contitions.  Roa has a continuty and is also a good team.


3. What team do you think will suprise most ?

I know the other team good enough to predict anything there, but I do think Vålerenga will get relegated again.  It seems tha they have a good team.

4. What player will be Toppserien best player and why ?

Cecilie Pedersen and Isabell Herlovsen has the potential to score 50 goals.  We have players like Elise Thorsnes, Kristy Moore og Melissa Wiik.

5. Who will be the topscorer in Toppserien?

5. I think Caroline Graham Hansen will tak a giant step.  She is a big potential and will play in that way to highlight her strenghts.










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