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Norway: Interview Morten Kalveness, head coach of Arna-Bjørnar
Morten Kalveness, head coach of Arna-Bjørnar
- Stabæk will win the Toppserien
On Monday the Football Assosiation of Norway had a Kickoff in all their leagues and the top three coaches in the Toppserien answered few questions about the coming season.
At last is the interview with Morten Kalveness, head coach of Arna-Bjørnar in Toppserien

1. Who will win the Toppserien and why ?

There are two teams that stand out from the others Stabæk og Røa. Røa has the most experience of winning the league, but Stabæk the strongest and biggest squad, so I think they will win eventually.


2. Who will take the other medals ?

Røa will be right behind Stabæk. Behind themagain, I think we, LSK and Kolbotn will fight for the bronze. We have been close for two consecutive years, and last year there were only a goal in a overtime that destroyed us. We have had the potential, so our time will come.  Kolbotn has been talked down three years in a row, but still taking a medal. They have a tradition and good quality of individual players.  LSK's' has been a regular at places during the medals, but has a solid basic squad and made some bold signings.



3. What team do you think will suprise most ?

I am excited about our neighbors in Sandviken.They ended up just above the relegation last year, but has got some new players. If they get to their full potential, they can get high on the table.


4. What player will be Toppserien best player and why ?

. Ingvild Isaksen in Kolbotn has been outstanding the last two seasons, so she is a strong candidate. For our part, we have players like Maren Mjelde and Erika Skarbø that may be.


5. Who will be the topscorer in Toppserien?

I will not be surprised if Elise Thorsnes take it this year too.  She has the skills and the psyche to score many goals.







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