Thu 22.Mar 2012 13:17 Tanya Taylor,
Champions League: The teams in the semi-finals have all won CL before
Potsdam won in 2010

FFC Turbine Potsdam got to the semi-finals in the Champions League today with a 0-3 win today against Rossiyanka (0-5 aggregate). 

All of these teams are former champions in the Champions League so we will not see a new team lift the title this year.

Rossiyanka - FFC Turbine Potsdam

0-1 Peter ('40) 

0-2 Nagasato ('45+1) 

0-3 Nagasato ('77)


April 14th and 21st Olympique Lyonnais - FFC Turbine Potsdam

April 15th and 22nd Arsenal LFC - FFC Frankfurt

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