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Abby Wambach: "I looked up to her"
Birgit Prinz wearing black
- To honor a fantastic player

The German football federation is going to have a farewell match for Birgit Prinz on March 27th at the People Bank Stadium in Frankfurt.

She was twice the World Champion, five times a European Champion, and a three times bronze medalist at the Olympics. She was three times the player of the year and eight times she was the footballer of the year chosen by German sports journalists.

International footballers she played against said a few words about Birgit and the influence she had on women's football all over the world.

Abby Wambach (171-times U.S. National Team):

"Birgit is a player who I have admired since I started playing professional football. She was a player who brought you the ideal way of playing soccer. She has scored so many goals.. I honestly believe that if she would have played a few years longer, she would have broken Mia Hamm's record. She is a legend in German women's football. And for me personally, I am a striker as well, she was a role model, someone I have been looking up to. "

Hanna Ljungberg (former Swedish world-class player): ..

"Birgit was the world's best for many years and I can recall many exciting games against them where she was so good with her speed, strength, technique and, of course, her eye for goal, it has defenders in the whole world terrified. I wish her ​​all the best for the future. "

Hege Riise (188-times Norwegian national team) .

"Birgit was one of the strongest opponents against whom I have ever played against. She was distinguished, she was very athletic and fast .She is a person with whom one can have a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to once again stand with her ​​on the court. "

Christine Sinclair (record national Canada) .

"Birgit Prinz is a pioneer of women's football. Only a few players can win the World Cup once, let alone twice. She is a great representative of the women's game.. "

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