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Franz Beckenbauer about Prinz: "Most influential figure of German football"
Franz Beckenbauer speaks highly of Birgit Prinz
On the German Football Association website there are a lot of German footballers talking about Prinz and the things she has brought to female football. The whole text was in German, but wSoccerNews does not have a German translator so we left it up to Google to translate so do not be surprised if something does not sound right.

Wolfgang Niersbach (DFB-President): "What Birgit Prinz has done for women's football is unique, she has put her mark on it, especially with her performance - and far beyond the borders of Germany, Birgit Prinz is a know name in the whole world. This makes her one of the greatest ambassadors that the DFB has produced. With her success, she set standards, the approach to get very good. 214 countries games to play and to earn 128 hits are incredible records, which hardly to offer are. Thus, Birgit Prinz has set itself a monument. same time, they always remained humble, has never been pushed to the fore. I hope that we have this great personality who knew on and off the court exactly what they wanted , is retained, I agree with many of her teammates and say.! Birgit, well, that we have you "

Dr. Theo Zwanziger (former DFB president): "Birgit Prinz was for many, many years, the figurehead of the German women's football, you have this sport in marked and abroad, and many young players have always been based on her, but despite them.. huge achievements and great successes she has always remained a humble woman. It is never lifted, and the handling was always very pleasant. I would like Birgit Prinz, now that they can achieve their objectives and off the field. In this way it is in me always have a contact if they wish. "

Franz Beckenbauer (honorary captain of the national team): .. "Birgit Prinz was certainly the most influential figure of the German women's football in the last ten to 15 years, it has the women's soccer in the public consciousness far brought forward and made ​​presentable More than 200 international matches, which is incredible, especially for an offensive player. In my experience it has completed more international games than league games. a very prominent representative of women's football. I hope that they will get the football and in the various committees at the DFB, the FIFA and UEFA expertise and their extensive international experience brings. "

Oliver Bierhoff (manager of the national team): "Birgit Prinz has done much for the reputation of women's football with her ​​work she has inspired many people to their sport's more.. She is a role model for many girls with football begin. your image as an exemplary and successful national team in the future will make it a valuable ambassador of women's football. "

Hannelore Ratzeburg (DFB vice president for women's soccer): measure "To you, what has made ​​Birgit Prinz of the German women's football, you have to ask only the people on the street the name of Birgit Prinz know in this country, almost every child with Birgit Prinz. bring the fans together so many successes. a better figurehead would you not have asked for. "

Jones (DFB director for women's and girls' soccer): "For me, Birgit, the shining light of the German women's football age of 15 she was already in the spotlight over the entire period of her career she has played at a consistently high level it was not.. only top performer, but also a role model for many girls. I wish her ​​a very nice farewell game and all the best for the future. "

Joseph S. Blatter (FIFA President): "Now comes a major player on the international football stage. Brigit Prinz In 1994 she made ​​her debut in the German national team and laid the foundation for an unparalleled international career that after the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 in Germany ended between were numerous successes - especially at the FIFA Women's World Cup. two titles (2003 and 2007), five appearances and 14 goals, which it still is one of the most successful World Cup scorers is unique and their Olympic. Result: Each Olympic football tournament of the women she has at least met once (1996, 2000, 2004, 2008) - one Birgit Prinz, who was thrice elected to the FIFA World Player (2003, 2004, 2005), is the world's undoubtedly one of the best known. and most successful players! Birgit Prinz enjoys not only on the pitch, but also next to great acclaim. With her ​​modesty and her look that goes through training in various areas of the football, it has earned much respect. I would like Birgit Prinz for their further way in sports psychology every success and hope that they will still be for girls in Germany and around the world a role model for generations to come. "

Petra Roth (Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt): "Birgit Prinz is an icon of German women's football in your collection of titles - German Champion, European Champion, World Champion and three-time World Player - is unique to the native of Frankfurt, which played almost their entire career in her hometown. has, we will certainly miss all the hard I wish her ​​in her "next life" just as much success as in their professional sporting career I am convinced, Birgit Prinz is their way -.. maybe a little more away from the public -. go positive "

Siegfried Dietrich (Manager 1 FFC Frankfurt and advisers from Birgit Prinz): "With Birgit Prinz of today we say goodbye to a player who has represented well over a decade, the measure of all things in the national and international women's soccer, she was often in the important matches. player on the pitch, the difference has been identified. Birgit bribed at this time not only with their athletic qualities that made ​​them become a German record national player and record, but with her ​​great personality with which they to the global ambassador of women's football and the German Sports was. Just because the three times World Player in all situations of their outstanding athletic career, the most famous face of their sport is more, they even stayed and the team was always most important to them, it has in a particular way was fun to work with it. The first FFC Frankfurt and the whole of the German women's football has a lot to thank Birgit. We wish her ​​all the very best and look forward to look at their new professional orientations to further joint meetings and challenges related to women's football "

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