Fri 30.Mar 2012 12:52 Tanya Taylor,
Antonia Göransson back on her home field
Antönia Göransson with the Swedish team
- Trying to get a spot in the squad before the Olympics
Antonia Göransson talks to Sydsvenskan today about the upcoming game against Canada this weekend which is being played at Malmö stadium, where Göransson grew up.

Göransson has a good chance of being in the Olympic squad this year because she played well at Algarve by scoring 3 goals and showed some good skills. She is very fast, and is good with the ball and creating chances.

Göransson said "you have to remember that a majority of our squad was in pre-season while the players from Germany were in the middle of their season so that gives us an advantage over the players who play in Sweden"

"Before we play against Canada we need to go over our defense because the Canadian team plays with a strong diamond in the middle".

Göransson was not in the squad in October 2010 and was very disappointed and did not agree with the coach. She told the Kristianstadbladet "it was so weird that I wasn't picked because I dribbled through a lot of players at national team training and I did well. I was disappointed with the Dennerby. Then she said to Damfootball "that she would go her own way and try to play to Germany". Now she plays for Potsdam and has been doing very well there.

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