Fri 30.Mar 2012 14:00 Tanya Taylor,
Today's Twitter - "Football is for men and women" looks at Twitter and follows people that are writing about women's soccer. Mark your Tweets with or #wSoccerNews.

Stephanie Labbé ‏ Goalkeeper for KIF Örebro and Canada
Gym session done! Biking home against the wind=extra workout!!

Lina Nilsson ‏ Defender for LdB Malmö and Sweden
okej malmöööö! imorgon är det match mot kanada på malmö stadion. ses vi där??
Translation: Okay malmööö! Tomorrow we have a game against Canada at the Malmö stadium. Will I see you there?

SophPerry ‏ Player for Chelsea and the Republic of Ireland
Hello Friday.. Hello sunshine.. Hello Easter hols :)

Jürgen Klinsmann ‏ German football legend and coach of the U.S. mens national team
Congratulations to Brigit Prinz on a wonderful career. All the best in her next endeavors.

Julie Foudy ‏ Former U.S. national team player
Balance. It's the hardest thing to achieve. Mom, wife, work, travel, growing, laughing. Ahhh. Wish days were longer. #night #missreading

Johanna B. Rasmussen ‏ Player for Kristianstad DFF and Denmark
There is always something you can do even when you feel like you can do nothing

JosephS. Blatter ‏ FIFA President
Football is for men and women. Vital to have a female voice on the Committee

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