Sun 01.Apr 2012 11:18 Tanya Taylor,
Bayern Munich renews contracts with four national team players
Katharina Baunach
Image: FC Bayern München
Bayern has extended contracts with national team player Katharina Baunach (23) and U-20 national team player Rudelic Ivana (20) for two years.
And so did the international players from Switzerland Vanessa Bürki (25) and the Austrian player Viki Schnaderbeck (21).

"These further requirement of these four players was an important step towards a powerful team for the next few years" says coach Thomas Wörle.

The manager Karin Danner says "I am delighted that we will work with Viki, Vanessa, Rudelic, and Katharina for two more years. We want the women's football in FC Bayern to grow more and they are four important players to help us do that."

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