Wed 04.Apr 2012 09:23 Tanya Taylor,
Today's Games: Groups' top teams playing in Euro Qualifiers
Louisa Nécib plays with France today
Six games are being played in the Euro qualifiers today. The two top teams in Group 1 meet one another, Russia and Italy, and if Italy wins today they are quite secure at top with a 9 point lead on Russia. Greece and Macedonia are also in Group 1but they sit at the bottom with 2 and 1 point/s respectively.

In Group 7 the two top teams are also meeting, and that is Denmark (12 points) and Czech Republic (10 points). With a win for Denmark today they are in a comfortable position for the next games.

In Group 4, Iceland could get a 4 point lead if they win Belgium today and if Norway wins as well. Iceland, Norway, Belgium, and Northern Ireland all have a decent change of winning the group.

In Group 4, France is secure on top with 15 points while the team in second place, Republic of Ireland, has 6 points.

Euro 2013 Qualifiers:
13:00 Russia - Italy
15:00 Greece - Macedonia FYR
15:30 Czech Republic - Denmark
17:00 Hungary - Norway
20:00 Belgium - Iceland
20:50 France - Wales

Times are in CET (Central Eastern Time).

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