Sat 07.Apr 2012 08:17 Tanya Taylor,
Damallsvenskan - Introducing KIF Örebro
Sarah Michael could be fun to watch if she is fit enough
- A team that can take points from any team
wSoccerNews teamed up with Martin Sjögren, the former coach of LdB Malmö, to analyze the teams of the Damallsvenskan for the season. Below you can find what Martin had to say about KIF Örebro.

Strenghts: Örebro has a solid defense, a good goalkeeper and added with some top quality counter-attacking players like Sarah Michael and Sanna Talonen. This team can beat every team in Damallsvenskan and will take points from the top teams. KIF Örebro can have a decisive role in which team that will end the league as no 1 (just like 2011…)

Weaknesses: They can also lose against any team in the league...

Key Players: Sara Larsson (injured at the moment), Marie Hammarström and Sarah Michael

Who will be fun to watch and why: The team doesn't really have any spectacular players, but they are very strong as a team. If the Nigerian international Sarah Michael is fit enough she will be a threat to any defensive line in the league.

Potential starting line-up in the beginning of the season: 4-3-3 Stephanie Labbé - Marie Stålberg, Sara Larsson, Marina Pettersson, Susanna Lehtinen - Edda Gardarsdottir, Marie Hammarström, Elin Magnusson - Linda Fransson, Sarah Michael, Sanna Talonen
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