Sat 07.Apr 2012 09:07 Tanya Taylor,
Damallsvenskan - Introducing Linköping
Manon Melis was the leading goal scorer for LdB Malmö last year
- Have the best squad along with Tyresö
wSoccerNews teamed up with Martin Sjögren, the former coach of LdB Malmö, to analyze the teams of the Damallsvenskan for the season. Below you can find what Martin had to say about Linköping.

Probably the best squad as a total together with Tyresö. Will have good players coming on if there are injuries which is very important troughout the season. Are defensively very strong, but are looking even stronger in attacking positions this year.

Weaknesses: The big question is if the team will cope with having the pressure of being the top contented to Tyresö on their shoulders? If they do then Linköping will have a strong 2012.

Key Players: Charlotte Rohlin, Manon Melis and Lisa DeVanna

Who will be fun to watch and why: The speed and the ability to score goals makes Manon Melis one of the best forwards in the world. To see her offensive running is really impressive and she will play a major role for the success of Linköping 2012.

Potential starting line-up in the beginning of the season: 4-2:3-1 Sofia Lundgren - Maja Krantz, Nora Holstad Berge, Charlotte Rohlin, Jessica Samuelsson - Nilla Fischer, Mariann Gajhede - Linda Sällström, Louise Fors, Lisa DeVanna - Manon Melis
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