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Damallsvenskan - Introducing LdB Malmö
Ramona Bachmann forward for LdB Malmö
- A club with a winning mentality
wSoccerNews teamed up with Martin Sjögren, the former coach of LdB Malmö, to analyze the teams of the Damallsvenskan for the season. Below you can find what Martin had to say about LdB Malmö.

Strenghts: A winning mentality of both club and players. Everyone knows what it takes to win, and that is of great importance when you come to decisive games and decisive moments during matches. The squad consists of several players with the ability to make a difference in games - Bachmann, Mittag, Sjögran, Björk Gunnarsdottir and Helgadottir in goal.

Weaknesses: The squad doesn't have the depth like the previous years and will be fragile to injuries.

Key Players: Thora Helgadottir, Ramona Bachmann, Anja Mittag and Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir

Who will be fun to watch and why: The balance and technique of players like Sjögran and Bachmann is very enjoyable to watch. There will also be very interesting to follow the young talented Amanda Ilestedt that will play a very important role in the back four.

Potential starting line-up in the beginning of the season: 4-4-2 Thora Helgadottir - Lina Nilsson, Malin Levenstad, Amanda Ilestedt, Ali Riley - Therese Sjögran, Katrin Schmidt, Sara Björk Gunnarsdottir, Katrine Veje - Ramona Bachmann, Anja Mittag
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