Sun 08.Apr 2012 12:20 Tanya Taylor,
Damallsvenskan - Introducing Jitex
Annica Sjölund is a key player for Jitex
- Physically very strong
wSoccerNews teamed up with Martin Sjögren, the former coach of LdB Malmö, to analyze the teams of the Damallsvenskan for the season. Below you can find what Martin had to say about Jitex.

Strengths: Jitex have been building a very solid platform during the past seasons and have established themselves as a team for Damallsvenskan. They are physically very strong and have also added some interesting players to their squad.

Weaknesses: How fast will the team adapt to the new style of playing? The results have been good during pre-season but there is a great difference in playing exhibition games and games that count...

Key Players: Elin Sandgren, Annica Sjölund and Christina Julien

Who will be fun to watch and why: Fridolina Rolfö is a good size player with a powerful shot with her left. If she can break in from her position to the right and unleash there can be many spectacular goals at Åbyvallen this year.

Potential starting line-up in the beginning of the season: 4-2:3-1 Minna Meriluoto - Amelie Rybäck, Frida Höglund, Sofia Karlsson, Katri Nokso-Koivisto - Elin Carlsson, Elin Sandgren - Fridolina Rolfö, Annica Sjölund, Leena Puranen
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