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Marta: "I missed Sweden a lot"
Image: Sveriges Radio
On there is an interview with the star of Tyresö, Marta. She talks about how it is being back in Sweden and the pressure on Tyresö to win the gold.

The interview is in Swedish, but Google translate took care of the translation for wSoccerNews and therefore there might be some errors.

Star of the world - but Marta will do best in Sweden. Here she lifted once Damallsvenskan. Now she will do it again, starting in Tyresös seriepremiär on Monday. "I missed this a lot," said audience favorite.

Marta freezes.

She hides her cheeks in his hands, then his ears, trying in vain to turn his back on the piercing wind.

The multiple layers workout clothes she grimaces in the wind, but when training on a chilly Tyresö - embankment is completed, she got up the heat.

A final fitness test before the start of the season is done. Wind jacket is thrown and when teammates rush into the locker room, choose superstar to remain on the plan.

- Let stand outside and talk? Now I'm hot, she says, smiling.

- But in the beginning it was very cold. It's hard when the wind blows like this on the training ... but this is of course Sweden. It's normal. So you can not complain, just go for it.

Spoiled with soccer in the U.S. and Brazil Brazilian wife escaped the worst of the cold the last three years. But in February this year returned to the world's best women's football players to the headlines.

And unlike when she came to Umeå 2004, she was prepared.

- My first memory of Sweden is the first time I saw snow, says Marta.

- I had not checked the forecast before I came here, so I did not think it would be so cool! But when I walked out of the aircraft, I was shocked.

She goes on:

- But this time there were only positive feelings when I came here. To meet my fans, and all thoughts of what will happen this year.

When the American professional league this season was canceled she did not hesitate. Time and again, Martha said that she sees Sweden as a second home, and in Tyresö were old friends - many of the players as she celebrated gold on gold during the successful 00s in Umeå.

- It's been great here. From day one, says Marta on the feeling of stepping into the top tipped Stockholm club.

- It was easy because I knew so many of the players in the past. It helps me to feel comfortable in a team, and in a city.

The language she has kept her in the years outside Sweden. And in just one month and a half in Tyresö words come even easier.

When expectations for the season comes up, it just bubbles out of Marta.

- Gold is always our big goals. We will play Champions League next year, she says.

- So we'll try to do everything to make it, but it is clear that there will not be easy. They talk so much about Tyresö already ... so all other teams will want to play its best against us. All matches will be very tough.

On Monday is "new" Tyresö tested for the first time, when the team start the series at home against Kif Örebro.

Before a large audience.

To Martha - as well as new acquisitions as national team captain Caroline Seger, World Cup success Lisa Dahlkvist and Spanish attack ace Verónica Boquete - attracts spectators no doubt.

For an open workout for almost two weeks ago, nearly a thousand people. The premiere is expected to more than 3,000 supporters to take place in the arena, which this year has expanded to include 1100 new seats.

- All the attention is pretty frequent fun. But it requires a coordination like no other, says Tyresö coach Stefan Fredriksson about the increased pressure.

- Sometimes it is more coordinator than coach.

During the preseason, the media have succeeded each other at Tyresö Vallen.

The Swedish national team players are all very well. The 26-year-old Marta who are most in focus.

- She has an amazing personality, says Fred on star acquisition.

- And she has a will to develop. Although she has chosen to be the world's best several times.

Is there a risk that too many stars on the team?

- No, not as I see it. All have had an incredible role acceptance, and it makes me not worry.

- Then, it will certainly happen this year, but it does in all groups. Team spirit is to be fresh ... But right now we have a great feeling in the group.

The feeling that welds together the team spelled gold hunt.

Heidelberg, who played in Division One as late as 2009, was for years the goal of driving championships 2012th

And after an enlistment parade, which lasted several years, coach Fred calm.

- Usually you feel anxiety and uncertainty about where they stand. But I do not this year. Because I know we are well prepared, he says, but adds that it is of course never any guarantee:

- There are many teams who have applied but not got it together. But we are brave enough to come out and say that we should take the gold. Then we take the consequences if it does not.

The wind on Tyresö Vallen do know Martha what she wants.

If you are the world's best women's football moment?

- We want to be there, but need to show it too, she says.

That she is in Tyresö to gold is nothing she will not deny.

- I think there will be a very fun year. I began my story here in Sweden, and here I am again. So it continues.

Even an ordinary morning before Easter pushed a bunch of school children around Marta to get an autograph.

Småkillarna proffers paper flapping in the wind, and with stiff fingers scribble damfotbollens largest brand down his signature in kollegieblocken.

Now she freezes again. She writes quickly. But still takes time for everyone.

- I have followed Damallsvenskan all the years I have been away, and I have actually missed this, she says.

- To sign autographs after practice. In the U.S. it was also much, but only after the game ... never during training.

She adds, before she was shivering småjoggar toward the locker room.

- Just before I signed I was here and looked, and all recognized me in the stands. It was Marta Marta here and there. And when I go to town, everyone is talking to me as if we had known each other forever.

- It's something I've missed a lot. But now I live with it.
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