Mon 09.Apr 2012 08:29 Tanya Taylor,
Damallsvenskan - Introducing Vittsjö
Sofie Andersson will be fun to watch among the best
- Have made some good signings
wSoccerNews teamed up with Martin Sjögren, the former coach of LdB Malmö, to analyze the teams of the Damallsvenskan for the season. Below you can find what Martin had to say about Vittsjö.

Strengths: The club have made some good signings and comes from a very successful season in division 1. If the club can keep that winning feeling from last year maybe they can take those crucial points at the beginning of the season that the newcomers need to have the chance to stay in Damallsvenskan.

Weaknesses: Even tough they made some signings it is questionable if the squad will be good enough to be among the teams that will qualify for Damallsvenskan 2013. There is a great difference between playing division 1 and Damallsvenskan.

Key Players: Loes Geurts, Kendall Fletcher and Danesha Adams

Who will be fun to watch and why: Sofie Andersson had a rebirth at Vittsjö last year after some poor years at different clubs in Damallsvenskan. It will be very interesting to see if Sofie can score goals in the top division as well.

Potential starting line-up in the beginning of the season: 4-4-2 Loes Geurts -Ida Ohlsson, Emma Kullberg, Kendall Fletcher, Ifeoma Dieke - Emma Sjödahl, Vlora Bajraktaraj, Kirsty Yallop, Sandra Adolphsson- Sofie Andersson, Danesha Adams
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