Mon 07.Jun 2010 07:00 Gylfi Sigurdsson,
Player View: Jillian Loyden The Chicago Red Star

Jillian Loyden star goalkeeper for The Chicago Red Stars answer some questions about herself!

Name: Jillian Loyden

Nickname: Jill

Current Team: Chicago Red Stars (WPS)

Former clubs: St Louis Athletica (WPS)

What is your Favorite Food? sushi :)

What is your favorite Movie? Remember the Titans

What is your favorite Book? The Bible.

What is your favorite website? I love shoes.

Who is your favorite sportsman/woman ? Tim Howard.

Are you superstitious, if yes how? Not at all. I used to be but found something better than superstition.

Who was your idol when you´re young? Ronaldhino.

Toughest opponent you have met? Myself.

Sweetest victory ? My first WPS with my team Athletica last season. It was a tough fought battle, my very first game, and it was Soooo much fun!

Favorite football player man/woman ? Tim Howard.

What is the most boring thing doing on trainings ? Ugh, thats easy fitness!

Who is the most famous person you have in your celluar phone ? I dont have a cell phone. Its broken and I refuse to get a new one. I communicate via smoke signals...hah just kidding.

What kind of soccer shoes do you play in ? Nike Vapors

What was your most embarrassing moment ? I tripped and fell last year in a mud puddle and i dropped the ball out of bounds for a corner. haha. i laughed afterward.

Tell us about something others don´t know about you? I like to cook, although sometimes my food turns out...slightly edible, i still really enjoy it.

What do you think of the website it awesome, its a great way to check out soccer all around the world. I check it often!

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