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FIFA- U20: Interview with Silvia Neid about the U-20 World Cup
Silvia Neid - Germany´s Head Coach

The German FA interviewed (DFB) Silvia Neid few days ago about the upcoming FIFA U-20 World Cup in Germany from 13th of July to 1st of August. The events will take place in the following cities: Augsburg , Bochum , Bielefeld and Dresden.

The World Cup in South Africa is still running, there raises the U - 20 Women's World Cup in Germany already foreshadowed. Is this not currently a little too much football ?

No, not at all. Of good football you can not get enough. I follow the games of the World Cup in South Africa with great interest.  The U - 20 World Cup I will be even more intense. Here, I 'm not only a fan, I will be traveling a lot.  I would like to see some games on the ground and pass on my findings to U - 20 coach Maren Meinert .

What are you looking forward to more: the world championship final in Johannesburg or the U - 20 opening match in Bochum?

I look forward to both games. Each has a special attraction in itself . In Johannesburg it is about the most important titles in world sport. In this final, almost everyone is. In the U - 20 Women's World Cup experience the best teams in the age group , there will also be quality guaranteed.

What will games will you watch with a special attention in the U - 20 World Cup  ?

All games! I will try to gather as much information as possible. Starting with those that are of direct benefit, that is to help our team in the tournament. Say, those that I can pass to Maren Meinert and the German U - 20 national team. But I will also look further matters with regard to the 2011 World Cup lookout .

Please explain this better?

I expect that we will see in the U - 20 World Cup a few players, that will qualify for the German 2011 World Cup Squad . The World Cup is a event to see how they are prepared and what they can do. I also assume that many nations are now at the U - 20 World Cup here will qualify for the World Championships 2011. Since it is worthwhile to analyze their playing style and game philosophy.


That sounds like a lot of work . Can you cope to manage that alone?

Well, that's enough to me first of all to form your own opinion. But we are working in the women's national team coach in a team. I attach great importance to the opinions of my colleagues. Against this background, I am glad that Maren Meinert and Bettina Wiegmann and  Ulrike Ballweg , the U - 20 World Cup will accompany intense.

Are there any other sources?

Yes, such a big tournament so is always a great information exchange . You meet many professionals with whom I am very happy to exchange and where I listen closely.

What exactly do you expect from the U - 20 World Cup?

I expect that you can see that the women also are not still remains . The talents represent progress. They are the footballers who want to go the next step in the development and also can . We will see young , willing to learn and ambitious players.

Is that way for the Geramn team and the other players ?

Absolutely. They are currently our best talent. They deserve our special attention. We will also observe with a view to the World Championships 2011. Then the door is open. Anyone can still jump on the train. However, our expectations are high . The players that have come so far in the women's national team , have raised the bar very high. Therefore should our U - 20 players have performed very well in bringing the World Cup. You have to convince, they must take responsibility, they need to stand out visibly.

Is the the U - 20 World Cup in particular for Kim Kulig , Bianca Schmidt and Alexandra Popp a test ?

We know what they can and are convinced of it . Of course they do not have ticket at the Women's National Team, conversely , it is also not true that we now call them superhuman in the U-20 World Cup.   I think they are aware of their position in the team and want to justify this position with benefits. This is a very conscious and conscientious handling of the responsibility that is absolutely commendable.

Is it already commendable that they are participating in the U - 20 World Cup at all?

No. This they did not have to be persuaded . I know of the three, that is it an honor to play for Germany. Moreover, they also know that it is a great thing to be allowed to play a World Cup in their own country . Even with the knowledge that next year is still present , the great World Cup 2011.

Still, it was long an open question whether the three should be in the U - 20 World Cup ?

That's right. They were always on the note by Maren Meinert . There was only the time to advise the about was whether it makes sense that they play the U - 20 World Cup. We have discussed in the coaching team of the Football Association, talked with the home club and the players themselves, it does not last them all agreed that the U - 20 World Cup is a good and important experience for the players . From the perspective of stress , there were no objections, after all the young players not yet in such a rotation as the established national players who played in the past three years, three major tournaments and now finally have a summer time to recover.

What experience is it possible to collect in the U - 20 World Cup - and what are the classified then?

I take the example of the time U - 19 World Cup 2004.  We become world champion then. In the squad were among other Annike Krahn , Melanie Behringer, Celia Okoyino da Mbabi, Simone Laudehr, Lena Goessling and Anja Mittag . They all now play in the women's national team. They have all benefited from it in a way that they played the U - 19 World Cup 2004. In any case, they have gone very confident of the tournament. They have had the experience on a global level against any opponent to. In addition, they have been confronted with many footballing mentality - we've played against Thailand , Australia , Canada , Nigeria, the United States and China. They all have their own tactics, their own pace and extends their footballing horizon. Whereby in effect it is important for us what each player from these experiences .


What can the German team at the U - 20 World Cup?

The team is well cast. However, they will get their top performance on the point of need.  I see a great power in the field of participants .

Who are the favorites in their opinion ?

I assume that North Korea after winning the title in 2006 and being in second place in 2008.  Taking course with Brazil and Sweden are in a tough preliminary round group as the same remains a favorite on the track.  The France with the tailwind of the gain of the U - 19 European Championship. England has established itself firmly in the world rankings. As always, the U.S. must be named. Japan has left a strong impression. And our team is also among the contenders .

Who will be champion ?

Because I can and want to define me. A tournament like the World Cup holds so many uncertainties at hand that can not be predicted . Conversely, it can be said , however, that there will be certainly a very interesting U-20 World Cup in Germany 2010.

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