Sat 25.Sep 2010 12:29 Albert Sigurdsson,
Interview with Martin Sjögren Head Coach of LdB Malmö
Martin Sjögren Head Coach of LdB Malmö in Damallsvenskan
LdB Malmö
Interwiew with the head coach of LdB Malmö in Sweden Martin Sjögren. Martin answers few questions regarding the best women´s league in the world, players and teams. We ask Martin about the upcoming FIFA U-20 World Cup.

1. What is the strongest women´s soccer league in the world today?

I think the WPS is the strongest at the moment. The teams are full of very good players from all over the world which makes the league very competitive. The downside with WPS is the short season and the fact that there are only seven teams. The best European leagues - Sweden, Germany and France - have three or four very good teams but the difference to the lesser teams are a little to big to be as competetive as WPS.

2. What do you think is the best team today ?

These kind of questions are very hard to answer but, I think it's quite even between the Champion League winners Potsdam and the best team in WPS Gold Pride. I think the germans maybe are better as a team, and that Gold Pride have better players individually. I've always liked the way the german teams play with skills like their passinggame and tactical ability.

3. Who do you think is the best women´s player in the world today ?


4. How would you line up your women´s dream team ?

GK - Hope Solo, B - Corine Franco, Faith Ikidi, Annike Krahn, Alex Scott MF - Therese Sjögran, Fara Williams, Kelly Smith. Heather O'Reilly F - Inka Grings, Marta,

5. What do you think of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Germany ?

It will be interesting to follow of many reasons.  Sweden will take part in it and we have four players from LdB FC in the swedish squad and it's going to be interesting to see how these players will look like in comparision with the best U20-players in the world. It's always interesting to see the standard of the next generation of players.

It's also very interesting to see the different styles of playing when different cultures of football are playing each other.

6. Who do you think will become the FIFA U-20 World Cup Champions ?


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