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Interview with Head Coach of Valur in Iceland Freyr Alexandersson
Freyr Alexanersson Head Coach of the Icelandic Champions
Image: Fó
Freyr Alexandersson
Image: Fó
Freyr Alexandersson Head Coach of Valur answers few questions from
Freyr and his team Valur has won the last four years. Last year they won double the League and the Cup. Valur has also been successful in the Champions League.

1. What is the strongest women´s soccer league in the world today?

In my opinion the WPS league is the strongest because they have the most skillful players. But the strongest team in Germany and Sweden are also great but i think over all the WPS is the strongest.

2. What do you think is the best team today ?

There are some great teams in WPS like FC Gold Pride but the European champions Turbine Potsdam are pure quality. I can also mention German teams Duisburg and Frankfurt. It seems like LDB Malmö have a pretty amazing squad this year. It is impossible to take one of these team and say it is the best.

3. Who do you think is the best women´s player in the world today ?

No doubt, Marta. By far the best player i have seen play in the women´s game. Stunning player full of skill and great all around quality.

4. How would you line up your women´s dream team ?

Ok this is very hard. 4-3-3 formation.

GK:Hope Solo

Def::-Mitts, Annike Krahn, Buehler, Sara Thunebro

Mid: Lindsey, LLoyd, Prinz


5. What do you think of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Germany ?

Its great, no doubt Germany will be fantastic host. It is a shame that Iceland does not have a team in competition.

6. Who do you think will become the FIFA U-20 World Cup Champions ?

I would put my money on Germany, specially now when they are on home ground. But USA can win it also. But i will say Germany.

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