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Tyresö coach: "been working too hard for too long"
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Stefan Fredriksson came to Tyresö in November 2010. This year, the club invested heavily and acquired including superstar Marta. The stated objective is to win Damallsvenskan and the team also leads the series after seven innings. But the hunt for series victory takes place in the future without Stefan Fredriksson.

"Two young children at home"
When he dials he presents himself as a "former coach of Tyresö".
The reason for his defection is a lack of time and energy.
- I have for many years worked a little too hard. Now that I have had another child, I have two small children at home, so it is not really compatible to be elite coach and parent of young children at the same time, says Stefan Fredriksson.
With all the signings of star players, expectations of the team increased significantly, but that's not why he chooses to leave the training mission.
- It has absolutely nothing to do with my leaving, but it is clear that we have high expectations of us. It's also funny that people think things about us, and rightly so.

"We lead the series"
Increased expectations of the team has led to more to do as a coach and in combination with the birth of a child to do that he chooses to step down.
- It is clear that the workload has increased with more media and more players from different teams and kordinering of trainings. I have had eight different teams to take into account. The workload has not diminished since last year, so to speak.

What do you think about the season has gone?
- I think it has gone okay. We lead the series and have let in very little goal. The high expectations sometimes make people believe that we will play "Barça football" all the time and win by four or five goals every game, it does not, they do sometimes. I am absolutely satisfied.

Do you feel that everything has worked well in the team?
- Yes, absolutely. I think definitely. I'm extremely pleased with the girls, the team and the club in every way.

According to there has been discontent among the players, do you feel that there have been so?
- No, it does not. Such figures probably always when it happens to this kind of stuff.

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