fim 08.mar 2012 07:34 Albert Sigurdsson,
Algarve Cup: Video U.S. WNT reactions after Sweden game
Algarve Cup: Highlights USA - Sweden 4-0
Video: Canadian WNT and Celine Dion
Algarve Cup: Highlights Japan - USA 1-0
Video: video from few Canada players in Cyprus
Cyprus Cup: Video with reflexions from Canada after winning Holland
Video: Funny video with Caroline Seger
Cyprus Cup: VIDEO Canada preparing for the Netherlands game
Video: Canada training in Cyprus
Video: Crossbar challenge UMFA in the Icelandic league
Video: Birmingham Ladies Pre-Season for the 2012 season
Video: F.C. Rossiyanka Women's Russian Soccer team to play in bikinis
Video: Interview with Ingrid Wells Gothenburg
Video: funny video from LDB Malmö last year
Video: Best goals Anonma scores a great goal in nov 2011
Video: from the Swedish club Kristianstads DFF
Video: Best goals Necib amazing goal against PSG
Video: Highlights USA - Costa Rica 3-0
Video: Highlights Canada - Mexico 3-1
Video: Highlights USA - Mexico 4-0
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